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Martin Sothcott came 2nd with “Culver” – a split photograph with clever orientation of the images presenting a well-known Island vista in a new light.

A subtle background added to the overall effect

Martin had the distinction that all three of his images were “held back”.  The other two of his triptychs are displayed below.

Christian Chessell came 3rd with “Seconds Away Round One”; a stunning black and white with a photographic style that Christian is becoming noted for.

Chuck sets high standards for himself and passed a critical but constructive eye over the 32 entries.  The comments and advice emphasised how important it was that the set of three photographs needed to be looked as a whole.  The central image should be supported by the two on either side, with leading lines or with the subjects looking to the centre.  Backgrounds and framing should be sensitive to the actual photographs, supporting and not distracting.  I learned a lot.

The Chairman’s Competition – The Triptych - 5th April 2016

A picture says a thousand words.  So how much do three pictures tell us?

The annual competition, judged by our chairman, Chuck Eccleston ARPS, asks members to present a Panel of 3 images – a Triptych – that are not only photographs of individual merit, but have an underlying theme that holds all three pictures together.

The winner of the competition was Jean Buckett with the evocative shot of a “Poppy field” with the foreground in sharp relief but by careful selection of lens aperture, the background thrown out of focus. 

The framing added to the atmosphere.  As Chuck said, he would enjoy this photograph on his wall at home.