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second place

"Arctic Evening" by Mike Rooke

the winning image

"Jack" by Karen Lynch

Tony Lynch’s infra-red image of Osborne House was an unusual take on an oft-photographed Isle of Wight icon.  Great composition and the treatment emphasised the striking architecture of the building. Tony has submitted quite a few infra-red images this season, all beautifully taken and are always commented on favourably by competition judges. 

Time to buy a IR filter everyone?

"Enchanted Forest" by Chuck Eccleston ARPS


"Barn Swallows" by Chuck Eccleston ARPS

"Distant Shores" by Chuck Eccleston ARPS

The lovely atmospheric shot of the deer in the dense forest was a magic moment captured with great skill.

"Surreal Osborne House" by Tony Lynch

“Fun at Low Tide” by Tony Bennett is my kind of photograph.  Eye catching light and dramatic clouds – and the longer you look at the activities of the people on the beach, the more you see.  Each group of people has a story to tell.

‘Arctic Evening’ by Mike Rooke, taken in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, in October 2015 came 2nd. 

This image did not do particularly well when it was presented back in November but is testament to the fact that all judges see things differently so it’s always worth getting a second opinion if you personally like a shot you have taken.

​Four other images were “held back”, any one of which could easily have emerged a winner.

The impossible to capture “Barn Swallow” by Chuck Eccleston ARPS grabbed 3rd place.

Just how good you have to be to be in the right place at the right time with the right camera and lens combination to capture that moment, only Chuck could explain. 

Pure genius.

"Fun at Low Tide" by Tony Bennett

Karen Lynch’s dynamic portrait of ‘Jack’ caught the judge, Andrew Perry’s (ARPS) eye, early on in the competition, and it was the image that he finally pronounced as the winner at the end of the evening. 

Andrew described it as “a very strong portrait”, and without doubt the ultra-sharp focussing Karen achieved in natural light, makes it a stand-out image. 

Many congratulations to Karen. 

PROJECTED image of the year

The Best of the Best!  The best of the projected images, anyway.  42 images were entered, all of which had been presented previously this season and demonstrated the depth of ability that we have in our club.  A fascinating competition.

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