1st Night Nibbles   - Holiday Snaps Knockout - 3 images - The Journey; The Destination; The Best Day
Photoshop Tutorial - Selecting and Defining Edges + TitleSizer Demonstration and tuition
Preview and selection of short list of SSDCC entries to SCPF PDI League 2017/2018
1st League PRINT competition  -  Judge: Geoff Roberts LBIPP LMPA LNPS
Martin Sothcott Competition DIGI images  - Open subject  - Judge: Chuck Eccleston ARPS
Talk & presentation - Morroccan travels - Stuie Bennett
1st League DIGI competition incorporating the Gordon Richards competition - Judge: Jon Mitchell
 Talk and Presentation - "Walking and Wildlife in South Africa" part 1 - Chuck Eccleston ARPS
2nd League PRINT competition  -  Judge: Dave Betts
2nd League DIGI competition incorporating Peter Peel mono competition  -  Judge: Brian Williams
The "No Processing Challenge" launch + Practical evening - Wire Wool Spinning and Painting with Light
Digi Knockout and Nibbles

The "No Processing Challenge" competition - Judge: Brian Cope
3rd League PRINT competition - set subject - "Looking Up - Looking Down"   -   Judge: Paul Bradley
Club "Ramble" meeting at Sandown Pier at 7pm (approx) - bring cameras and tripods!
3rd League DIGI competition   -   Judge: Keith Walker
The "The Lucky Dip Challenge"launch - same format as last year but different criteria + presentation of "The Art of Seeing"
Talk & presentation - Walking and Wildlife part 2 - Chuck Eccleston ARPS

4th League DIGI competition incorporating the Tom Treacher competition - Judge: Nick Henry

Set of 3 images, with one of each of 3 categories - "Architecture"; "Seasons"; "Getting There"

Review of club members' panels previously presented to Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS for advice on 21st February 2018
Justin Gordon Challenge Cup - 4 PDI images only - set subject: "Time and Tide"  -  Judge: Justin Gordon
4th League PRINT competition - open subject - Judge: Pietro Rocchiccioli BA [Hons} Photo, ARPS, EFIAP*
The "The Lucky Dip Challenge" - same format as last year but different subject - great prizes to be won!!!
Talk & presentation - "Jon Mitchell goes Wild"  Jon will be presenting images and experiences gleaned from his latest visit to India in 2017
Chairman's Competition - The Triptych - Judge: Mike Rooke
PRINT OF THE YEAR competition   -   Judge: Gary Early
End of Season Review - see again a wide selection of this season's images from all members.  80 images - ask questions, hear from the author.
PROJECTED IMAGE OF THE YEAR competition   -   Judge: Andrew Mills MA [Photo] ARPS
Members Knockout and Trophy Presentation

SET SUBJECTS FOR 2017 - 2018

31st October - Gordon Richards Competition

Landscape or seascape, monochrome or colour - Projected Images

28th November - Peter Peel Competition

Monochrome Projected Image - open subject

16th January - 3rd League PRINT competition

"Looking Up - Looking Down"

A PRINT of any subject, taken looking up or looking down, or anything looking up or down for a specific purpose.

13th March - Justin Gordon Challenge Cup

"Time and Tide" - anything portraying time or the passage of time.

27th February - Tom Treacher Competition

A mono or colour projected image of:

1."Architecture" - images of the interior or exterior of buildings or features of buildings.

2."Seasons" - any image depicting a particular time of year, which could be weather related, nature or seasonal activity.

3. "Getting There" - any image relating to transport or travelling.

INTER CLUB COMPETITIONS         Dates and Hosting Club                                                               

All Island Picture of the Year

10th November 2017

Focus Ryde Imaging Group

Panel of Five

20th February 2018

Sandown and Shanklin Camera Club


28th February 2018

Isle of Wight Photographic Society

Hasslebad Trophy

28th March 2018

Isle of Wight Photographic Society 

Jack Skeel Monochrome

4th April 2018

Wight Balance Photography Plus 

the Club programme 2017 - 2018

our camera club

Sandown & Shanklin District Camera Club

the club on the bay

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