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4.3 Click on Create file

The following dialogue box will appear:

3.2 Click on FILELOAD

Using TitleSizer to process your image for projection in a club competition​​

1. Installation of TitleSizer

You will need a copy of TitleSizer installed on your computer.  To obtain this, please contact the Digital Competitions Secretary in the Form below giving your name, the class that you intend to enter (Class A for Experienced photographers, Class B for Beginners).  You will be emailed a copy of the programme and instructions on how to install it.  It will be prepared in such a way that your name and class will be automatically added to the title when you load an image file.

When successfully installed, the icon will appear on your Desktop.

2. Processing an Image

Your image must be submitted as a JPEG so you should resize it in Photoshop, or a similar such programme to be 1600 pixels on its longest size at 300dpi resolution, and then save it as a .jpg file.  You should name your file as you would wish it to be displayed in a competition.

The worked example below has an image title of “Gargoyles for Sale”.  It has been saved on my computer in a folder named “Competition Candidates” for ease of retrieval, along with other images destined for entry in competitions..

1. The general conditions of entry as stated in the Guide to Competitions page of this website. Members attention is drawn in particular to competition Rule 3 below on how many times a single image may be submitted. The closing date for entries is one week before the date of the competition, but late entries may be accepted at the competition secretary’s discretion.  Whenever possible, the preferred method for submitting a digital entry is to process the image using the TitleSizer programme and forward the file to the Competitions Secretary as an email attachment.  By exception, late entries will be accepted by e-mail, but under no circumstances will images submitted later than the Sunday preceding the competition be accepted.

2. A maximum of 3 images may be submitted. If it is not possible to use the TitleSizer programme, images should be saved as JPEG files and given to the competition secretary or assistant competition secretary at the meeting preceding the competition date on a Memory Stick or Flash Card. The Memory Stick, or Flash Card should be clearly marked with the member’s name. Please do not use sticky labels. 

3. Images submitted will be retained on the club laptop until the end of the season. At the committee’s discretion, and with the member’s permission, images may be used in inter-club competitions. At the end of the season, all images will be deleted.

4. Each digital image submitted must be named using the following “three section” protocol:

4.1. Author’s name (Surname first then First name separated by a single space);
4.2. Title (for titles comprised of more than one word, each word should be separated by a single space);
4.3. The class you are entering (formatted as GroupA, for class A, or GroupB, for class B) … each of these sections should be separated by a single underscore as in the following example:

Fred Bloggs_Pretty Picture_GroupA

5. Images will be projected in a horizontal format at a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels using TitleSizer and ClubShow dedicated competition software. To get the best from them, we would recommend that image size is no more than 230mm wide and no more than 170mm high and set to a resolution of 300 dpi. The maximum dimension of a portrait image will thus be 170mm high If possible, please limit individual files sizes to 4Mb. If not using TitleSizer, please resize your images using Photoshop or a similar such programme.

5.1 Instructions on using the TitleSizer programme can be found below.  

This is the preferred method of submitting your competition entry.

6. Each Memory Stick / Flash Card should contain the member’s images only, one file per image. Compiling images for projection can be time consuming, so it will help the competition secretary/assistant competition secretary significantly if:
6.1. All images are in the root directory of the Memory Stick / Flash card;
6.2. Only one member’s images are contained on each Memory Stick / Flash card
6.3. The file naming protocol specified in rule 4 is strictly followed. Specifically, please do not insert dashes between words or sections of the file name, and be sure to have only one space between words in each section. The competition secretary/assistant competition secretary reserve the right not to show images if, in exceptional circumstances, it would take excessive time to correct file names for competition.

5. Entering your image in the competition

5.1 Navigate to the TitleSizerF folder on your computer:

OS (C:)>TitleSizerF

5.2 Your processed image file will be found in this folder.  Using your mouse, move the file to your Competition Candidates folder.

5.3 Email it as an attachment to the Competitions secretary to with a Subject Heading such as 1st League Digi Entries.

Job done!

3. Launching the programme

3.1 Double-click the TitleSizer icon on your desktop.  The following dialogue box will appear. 

4. Loading a file

4.1 Browse to the file on your computer and select it.  The following dialogue box will be on your screen.

4.2 Click on Open

The following dialogue box will appear.

conditions of entry, rules and guidance

- digital section -

If you need the TitleSizer programme, please send a request to the Digital Competitions Secretary using the form below.  Please give your name and the competition class you will be entering in the Message box.