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Sandown & Shanklin District Camera Club

the CAMERA club on the bay

If you have a question, please email it to the competitions secretary using the form below:.

competition rules

(revised 2016)


1.1  Prints must be mounted and have the authors name, print title and class clearly printed on the reverse side of the print 1.2 MOUNT SIZE – 250x300mm minimum 400x500mm maximum

1.2 PRINT SIZE – No restrictions NO ENTRY WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT THE ABOVE INFORMATION In the event of a dispute the committee decision is final. The committee members present on the night will settle any dispute or any interpretation of the rules.


2.1  Monthly league competitions will have two Classes - A – Advanced [experienced ] members B – learners [all other competitions are classless ]

2.2 Class B members who win a class B league challenge cup MUST move to class A

2.3 Any member who does not meet the above criteria may enter class A if they inform a member of the committee. Print and Digital projected image competition are separate and members need not be in the same section for both.


3.1 PRINTS – Titles for all competitions must be submitted to the competition secretary one week before the competition date, unless agreed otherwise by prior arrangement with the competition secretary.

3.2 PROJECTED DIGITAL IMAGES – Entries to all competitions must be submitted to the Digital competition secretary by the Sunday prior to the competition date before the competition on a memory stick, OR by email, when required and in a format advised by the Digital Competition secretary, unless agreed by prior arrangement  Digital entries submitted after this deadline cannot be accepted. 

Unless otherwise stated, no more than two entries per section in print competitions/ and three entries in PDI competitions are allowed. Number entries in preference so that one can be withdrawn if the total number submitted needs to be reduced because of time constraints


4.1  No image can be entered more than once in monthly competitions in a season, but can be used once more the following season. An image that is given a score of 10 CANNOT be used again.

4.2 The same image CANNOT be entered as different versions ie. colour print ,mono print or for digital projection.

4.3 Each image is given a score out of 10 and a members highest score is added to the monthly league totals and whoever achieves the highest totals in each section is awarded the challenge cup in their class.

4.5 Four challenge cup competitions are incorporated into the monthly digital projected image competitions and the winners are awarded a trophy which they keep for one year. Entries must conform to the requirements in the GUIDE TO SINGLE COMPETITIONS INCORPORATED INTO MONTHLY LEAGUE COMPETITIONS


5.1 Only images entered into a competition during the current season is allowed.

5.2 A maximum of 3 entries in each section is allowed [colour prints, mono prints and projected digital image] The winner of Print of the year, is chosen from the winners of the colour print and mono print sections.

Competitions shall be set out at the beginning of the season by the committee.  Any members needing clarification on any aspect of the competitions should raise queries directly with the Competitions Secretary (currently Warren Rodgers).  You may submit your query in the Form below.

Titles, subjects, themes and media shall be agreed by the committee and described in the Programme of Events.

Individual members shall interpret the brief and produce their work accordingly.  The judge shall interpret, critique, assess and score in accordance with the brief.  The judge's decision shall be final.

The committee will only refuse to admit an entry if it is deemed illegal, offensive or direct plagiarism.