Sandown & Shanklin District Camera Club

the CAMERA club on the bay

1. The club shall be known as Sandown Shanklin and District Camera Club.

2. The object of the club shall be to encourage the art and science of photography and membership shall be open to all those regardless of race colour creed or physical ability interested in photography.

3. The Annual General Meeting (here after known as the A.G.M.) of the club shall be held in April and shall be deemed to be properly convened by the notice in the club syllabus.

4. The Hon. Treasurer shall present Audited accounts made up to the 30th March, of which copies shall be made available to the members.

5. The Chairman, Hon secretary and competition secretary shall present their reports for the year.

6. There shall be elected annually at the A.G.M. the following officers, all of whom are to give of their time without remuneration of any kind except reasonable out of pocket expenses: - Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer. & Hon. Competition Secretary. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall form a general committee of three members to manage the affairs of the club.

7. The chairman shall be elected to serve in that office for not more than four years. He/she will normally be succeeded by the vice-chairman. The retiring chairman will serve as president for no more than 4 years.

8. The general committee shall meet from time to time as deemed necessary for the proper management of the club. Resolutions shall be adopted by a majority vote. The chairman shall have the casting vote.

9. At general committee meetings four (4) members shall form a quorum.

10. The committee shall prepare each year a syllabus, setting out the meeting venue, dates, time and subjects for all the meetings of the year. Each member shall receive a copy of this syllabus.

11. In the event of the winding up of the club such funds that may exist after disposal of all equipment and discharging all outstanding debts shall be given to a local charity selected by the committee..

12. Should a juvenile under the age of sixteen wish to become a member, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Constitution revised 2016

Latest website update 15/06/2020