'Windmill Sales'  by  Peter Hillier

'My Dad'  by  Warren Rogers

'Peace and Light'  by  Warren Rogers

'The Garlic Farm'  by  Mavis Wicks

'Bosham Harbour'  by  Tracy Darch


Weekly meetings every tuesday evening, 7.30pm
at the pavilion,  ​watery lane, newchurch, PO36 0LX

Sandown and Shanklin Camera Club is a very active group of digital photography enthusiasts with members from all parts of the Isle of Wight.

The Club meets every week to look at photos, talk about photos and techniques, have our photos critiqued by qualified judges......and more.

We believe the surest way to improve one's own photography is to meet other photographers, look at their work, ask questions and listen to impartial experienced judges critiquing your photographs in friendly competitions.

Every type of photography is represented in the club.  Contact us if you would like to know more.  Our Events Calendar has up to date information on the latest events and competitions.

'A Star is Born'  by  Chuck Eccleston ARPS

'Photographer's Reflections'  by  Barbara Springall LRPS

Below are some of the entries for our 'No Processing' competition where only the cropping of the image was allowed in post production.  This was judged by our own member, Jim Owers.

'Rosehips'  by  Peter Buckett

'Artic Scene'  by  Chuck Eccleston ARPS

'QM2 Wake Mid Atlantic'  by  Doug Cox CPAGB LRPS

'Sandy Shores'  by  Tony Bennett


'Sulpher Stream'  by  Peter Vincett

'Thistle Do'  by  Mavis Wicks

'3 Deer'  by  Jean Buckett

'Lichen on Wood'  by  Liz Fox


'Mottingstone Church'  by  Andy Lockhart

''Town Made of Sand'  by  Mike Rooke LRPS

the CAMERA club on the bay

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'Faries in the Garden'  by  Peter Hillier'

Sandown & Shanklin District Camera Club

'Alverstone Mead'  by  Tracy Darch