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"Old Barge at Sunrise" by Tony Bennett.


Weekly meetings at the pavilion, watery lane, newchurch, PO36 0LX

Our brand new 2018-2019 season will get underway on Tuesday 18th September 2018.  We will then meet every Tuesday at 7.30pm right through  to 14th May 2019, apart from a 3 week break over Christmas.

The Club meets to look at photos, talk about photos and techniques, have our photos critiqued by qualified judges......and more.

"Cycling in Amsterdam" by Tony Bennett

it's all about the pictures!

Make sure you visit us at least once a week to look our latest images and pick up news of anything happening on the Island that might be of interest to photographers, including those of you just visiting the Isle of Wight.

We often get asked by photographers visiting from elsewhere to advise them on the best locations here for various types of photography.  We are always pleased to help if we can.  Go to the Contact Us page and send us a message.  We would like to hear from you.

"Pool Girl" by Frances Moore

"View for Two" by Frances Moore

Below: The Isle of Wight is a photographers' paradise.  Look hard enough and many unique and/or quirky scenes can catch your eye​.

"Before the Charge" by Tony Bennett

the big Picture


the club on the bay

Club league competition - Print 2 

Some lovely shots entered in the second Print competition of the year.  Doug Cox and Chuck Eccleston both scored 10s in the colour section, whilst Rob Buckett and Steve Collins came out on top of the Monos.

Many thanks to Frances and Tony for sending in digital files of their prints.  Great work!

"Broken Groin" by Tony Bennett.

"Reticulated Lily" by Frances Moore

Sandown & Shanklin District Camera Club

What makes a good photograph?

An interesting question.  Answers on a post card please!  Here's some ideas below.  All taken in Venice in January 2018

Doug Cox LRPS working the western coastline

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