"Imogen" by Jean Buckett

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Make sure you visit us at least once a week to look our latest images and pick up news of anything happening on the Island that might be of interest to photographers, including those of you just visiting the Isle of Wight.

We often get asked by photographers visiting from elsewhere to advise them on the best locations here for various types of photography.  We are always pleased to help if we can.  Go to the Contact Us page and send us a message.  We would like to hear from you.

Below: Three Alverstone (Isle of Wight) Panoramas

by Chuck Eccleston ARPS

"Kites" by Mavis Wicks

the big Picture

"Shoreline Patterns" by Liz Fox

"Fingers" by Dennis Murphie


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our camera club

Sandown & Shanklin District Camera Club

the club on the bay

"Zap, Bas, SPLAT!" by  Frances Moore

chairman's competition - the triptych (panel of 3)

Great entries for this year's Triptych competition, judged by the club chairman. The declared winner was Dennis Murphie for his sensitive trio of shots of a new born's hands and Liz Fox presented stunning panels with great artistic impact, scoring 10s with both.

This was the probably the highest quality of Panels of 3 presented to date.  Many thanks to all who participated this year.  Definitely one for us all to look forward to next year.

"Newport - Old and New" by Chuck Eccleston ARPS

"Sherborne Abbey" by Jim Owers


"The Train Ride" by Tony Bennett

Weekly meetings at the pavilion, watery lane, newchurch, PO36 0LX

Our brand new 2017-2018 season is now underway and we meet every Tuesday at 7.30pm from September 2017 through  to 15th May 2018.  The Club will meet to look at photos, talk about photos and techniques, have our photos critiqued by qualified judges......and more.

"Birds at Rest" by Chuck Eccleston ARPS

The Digital Darkroom Resource List


Multiple Exposure Blending by Serge Ramelli

Printing Expert:www.dougchinnery.com:

Print and Colour Management Pts 1, 2 & 3

Tips and Ideas:

A superb set of resources put together by David DuChemin to inspire ambitious and brave photographers



Craft & Vision: 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography

The Lightweight Photographer:

By logging on to Robin Whalley's website or blog, it is possible to access some really useful resources, some free, some available for a very modest charge.

Black and White photography

Joel Tjintjelaar


"Confusion" and "Music Maker" by Colin Maskell

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"Pastel Roses" by Liz Fox