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The start of the season is perhaps the time to consider acquiring new post-processing skills, trying new subjects to photograph and practicing different capture techniques.

The Digital Darkroom Resource List


Multiple Exposure Blending by Serge Ramelli


Print and Colour Management Pts 1, 2 & 3

Tips and Ideas:

Take a look at the lively blog of Anthony Epes

Loads of ideas and examples of uncomplicated shots taken in good light.  Dawn is his speciality.

MagBook: (new edition) Photoshop & Lightroom £9.99 from W H Smiths


Craft & Vision: 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography

The Lightweight Photographer:

By logging on to Robin Whalley's website or blog, it is possible to access some really useful resources, some free, some available for a very modest charge.

Tutorials on all aspects of post-processing

Black and White photography

Joel Tjintjelaar

Weekly meetings at the pavilion, watery lane, newchurch, PO36 0LX

Our brand new 2017-2018 season is now underway and we will meet every Tuesday at 7.30pm from September 19th 2017 to 15th May 2018.  The Club will meet to look at photos, talk about photos and techniques, have our photos critiqued by qualified judges......and more.

by Robin Whalley

Lyn Button

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Mastering Photoshop Masks

A new Kindle book written by Robin Whalley especially for photographers is now available for download from Amazon for £4.99.  Photoshop masking techniques are not easy skills to master and even with perseverence and practice we still need a good teaching book to guide us.  

With loads of free downloadable images available to practice on as part of the package as well as using your own shots this could be just the resource needed if you want to develop your post-processing skills to a higher level.

Selecting the subject and applying a blur to the background using Photoshop masking techniques turns a brilliant shot of a young lady into a stunner, knocking back the distraction of a busy background.

Getting those trekkers into the right spot in the view on the left could make a lot of difference to the impact of that simple landscape shot.

Barbara Springall LRPS

Jeff Morgan

it's all about the pictures!

Make sure you visit us at least once a week to look our latest images and pick up news of anything happening on the Island that might be of interest to photographers, including those of you just visiting the Isle of Wight.

We often get asked by photographers visiting from elsewhere to advise them on the best locations here for various types of photography.  We are always pleased to help if we can.  Go to the Contact Us page and send us a message, but first check out the landscape slideshow on our Photo Gallery page.

Jeff Morgan

Next Week - Tuesday 17th October - 7.30pm

The Martin Sothcott Trophy.

Up to 3 digital images - any subject - colour or mono

Images to Doug Cox by Sunday 15th October please.

the big Picture

The image above did very well for the club in last year's Southern Counties Photographic Federation League but it was not widely known that it was a composite image built using selection tools and layers in Photoshop.